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0 comments | viernes, noviembre 24, 2006

Tom Waits sings (again)

Tom Waits vuelve nuevamente a usar a Jack Kerouac y Charles Bukowski en su nuevo disco, próximo a aparecer luego de la experiencia monumental y épica del Real Gone, afirmando nuevamente: At the center of this record is my voice.

Lo sabemos Tom. Esperamos ansiosos la aparición el 20 de noviembre de Orphans, triple producción, tres albumes con 56 canciones de las cuales 30 son totalmente inéditas.

Aquí un adelanto en mp3, Road to peace, uno de los temas de Orphans.

Road to peace::

Up in the NY Times
you see the killing has intensified
along the road to peace
Abdel Madi Shabenh
and the last thing that he said
on earth was, God is great and god is good
and he blew them all to kingdom come
upon the road to peace
To fight and old man´s war
and die upon the road to peace
This is our land
we will fight with all our force
says the palestinian
and the jews
Once Kissinger said "We have no friends,
America only has interests"
And now our president wants to be seen
as a hero, and he's hungry for re-election
But he is reluctant to risk his
future with the fear of his political failure
So he plays chess at his desk
and poses for the press
Ten Thousand miles from the road to peace
Maybe god himself is lost
and needs help
Maybe god himself needs
all of our help